Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Running Man 128 : Park Shin Yang And Uhm Ji Won As Guest

Park Shin Yang and Uhm Ji Woo In Running Man 128

Hello. Running Man bring two guest this time, Park Shin Yang and Um Ji Woo. It is nice to see Park Shin Yang after his latest drama, Sign. I am one of the fans of his drama like Lovers In Paris, Money Warfare ( Favourite ) and Sign. This is first time I heard of Uhm Ji Woo, they star together in drama Sign.

So, this time they was going to be in three group, Song JiHyo with Jae Yae Suk and Ji Suk Jin. Lee Kwang Soo with Kim Jong Kook and Um Ji Woo meanwhile Kang Gary with Haha and Park Shin Yang. This time it was the money race again. For the first mission, they do it at gas station and the second mission is karaoke at gymnasium.

The last games where they have to sit in the chair before the time finish is brilliant. I bet they get the idea from ‘the liar games’ movie. The movie also applies the same ‘musical chair’ theme. But it is still funny to see they fight to sit on the chair. 

Below is some snapshot from running man episode :
Kim Jong Kok musical chair
Gary Haha Park Shin Yang Rap
Gary Haha and Park Shin Yang

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