Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joo Ji Hoon in I Am The King Korean Movie 2012

Joo Ji Hoon play two character in I Am The King movie

Hello. What a great start to new year watching this beautiful full comedy drama movie. I Am The King is the story of simple storyline yet it will bring you laughter and tears. The differences between the upper class and lower class was shows brilliantly by the main lead Joo Ji Hoon in this movie. The additional actor doing a great job in bringing the movie to the excellent level.

Plot : Prince Chungnyeong did not want to be the next King, so he flee from the palace. He swapped place by one of the slave named Deok-chil accidentally because the have the same figure and face. The Prince experience the life of being a slave and Deok-chil becoming the crown prince. What will happened to them?

The first part of the movie shows how the two different person getting the treatment like they never did before. The crown prince been beaten, eat grass to survive and become slave. Meanwhile the other one has to act like a prince where he must read a book a lot of time, his eating a lot of food and they even take his stool for inspection.

The second part shows us the realization starting to hit them as the real crown prince knows his task to change all of this from continue to happening. The impostor having a crisis after his identity being discovered and someone wants to use his place to their advantage. They meet again this time as different person from what they used to be.

 Also there are a lot of side story which making the story more live and emotional especially the story of the girl named Sol-Bi ( Kim So Hyun ), she is one of the slave that get separated from his mother and sister, her father sick at the moment the crown prince help her. The loyal warrior ( Kim Su-Roo and Lim Won Hee ) who always beside prince crown especially Hae-Koo who always help the crown prince when they get involve in slavery, they also bring more comedy to this story.

Joo Ji Hoon give an excellent performances to play different guy in different situation. As the Crown Prince and as the slave, he give great credibility to each character to making them look a like but not the same. 

I rarely enjoy korean movie, more prone to the drama, but this one movie is done brilliantly for comedy drama genre movie.


Filebook said...

I've been looking for another korean movie to watch. I'm glad I stumbled upon your site. I will definitely watch this,.

Anonymous said...

hi, just wanna ask how or whereelse can i d-load this movie?link in this post was dead end.reply pls,thanks


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