Saturday, June 28, 2014

Amagi Brilliant Park Anime

Amagi Brilliant Park anime is adaptation from light novel written by Shinji Gatoh (Fullmetal Panic). It will produce by Kyoto Animation. Here is the first promotional video release for Amagi Brilliant Park;

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kuroko No Basuke Anime Quote - Season 3 Release Date?

I am patiently waiting for Kuroko No Basuke season 3! I thinks it will be aired next year - they already agree for season 3 but the broadcast time and more details is not yet to be announced. Kuroko No Basuke ended season two with Seirin Basketball Club win against Yosen and they gonna move forward with more formidable rival - Hope Kise gonna coming back and play against them.

I found the quote from the generation of miracles and have to post it here!

[caption width="500" align="aligncenter"]aomine daiki Aomine Daiki quote - Aomine is beaten by Kagami at their second game.[/caption]

Friday, May 30, 2014

Akami Ga Kill Anime is set to be release on July 7 2014.

I never read Akami Ga Kill manga, however from the review - the manga got lots of positive one! I am looking forward to watch the anime as Akami Ga Kill will be release on July 7 2014 (summer anime). Here is the youtube preview of the anime;

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baby Steps Episode 6; Top Seed in Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit Arc

Baby Steps episode 6 is showing our main character, Maruo Eiichiro making a great progress towards becoming a good tennis player. It started with Eiichiro on his last set in the match against Ryou Oobayashi, although he is easily defeated by the fifth seed player in Kanagawa prefecture - he felt something and push the game longer than it should. STC coach, Miura recognize Maruo's ability and excited in teaching him becoming better player.

[caption width="600" align="aligncenter"]maruo wallpaper baby steps Maruo Eiichiro is the leading character in Baby Steps anime. He has a good vision and use it as a weapon to predict his rival movement and action.[/caption]


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